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bkb logoBangladesh Krishi Bank (BKB) is a fully government owned Bank in Bangladesh which is a specialized for financing the agriculture sector. Bengali word ‘KRISHI’ means agriculture. The bank started its commercial functioning from 1977. The main objective of the bank is providing credit facilities for the farmers to develop the agriculture sector of this country which includes crop production, agro-based industries, fisheries, livestock, cottage industries, farm and irrigation equipment, SME, micro credit etc. BKB has 987 branches in Bangladesh.

BKB also performs all commercial banking functions like other commercial banks. From the last three years BKB started financing corporate bodies also. The bank deals in all kinds of foreign exchange business including export, import, remittance as well as the bank is focusing on large-scale foreign exchange programmes to increase its business. BKB is providing all types of foreign exchange transactions services with foreign remittance, Import of capital machinery facility, raw materials for agro-processing industries etc.

The bank provides credit facility for crop loan to the marginal farmers, sharecroppers and the land provides loan owner. The bank provides loan for fish production in coastal areas. The bank provides medium term loan for bullock, cow, goatery, beef fattening etc. Thus the bank is creating self-employment opportunity for un-employed and poor people. BKB is providing short term basis continuous loan for cash credit or working capital purpose. Besides the main objectives of continuous loan is to process, preserve and marketing of agricultural products. Recently the bank has introduced its SME policy strategies based on Bangladesh Bank’s Prudential Regulation to assist the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) imposed by the government.

BKB appoints its employees through written examination and Viva. Applicants first attend the written examination. The successful applicants of the written examination then attend Viva and then the successful applicants get the job in this bank. The bank regularly arranges different types of training program for its entry level employees and mid-level employees.

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