Job vacancies at Maghna Group of Industries

meghna-group-industriesMaghna Group of Industries in short MGI is a famous conglomerates in Bangladesh in industrial section. At present MGI owns chemicals industries, cement industries, consumer products industries, insurance industries, securities industries, textiles industries, utilities industries etc. The owner of MGI is Mr. Mostafa Kamal under whom 15000 employees are working as well as 3000 distributors & 1000 suppliers are under the umbrella of  32 companies and 30 Industries of Meghna Group.

The Group passionately creates economic value for Bangladesh which is sustainable also. The companies are determined to contribute to the industrial development of this country as well as nation having in mind to fulfill the basic necessity of the consumers. The mission in the group’s mind is to increase the competitive capability and become more global  in terms of delivering the value within next 5 years. Some brand names of this group includes Pure, Fresh, Super Fresh which are very well-known to the media.

Maghna Group of Industries is strongly involved with Corporate Social Responsibility as a standard business model.  It seems more specific when MGI promised itself as an equally concerned body for the welfare of its employees. MGI is concerned creating a friendly place to work and develop career. MGI ensures values for its employees and determined to promote career growth. Rewarding is always a positive side for evaluating an employee’s effective performance. Maghna Group of Industries always hunts for energetic and talented employees to recruit. The company’s website is responsible to circulate job vacancies. Anybody can drop his or her resume in the Maghna Group of Industries website to apply for a specific job.

View here the current job vacancies of Maghna Group of Industries >> 

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