Aftab Automobiles Limited

downloadAftab Automobiles Limited started its operation in Bangladesh as a Private Limited Company in the year 1967 as a vehicle assembler and also as a body fabricator. Currently the assembling plant of the Aftab Automobiles Public Limited Company is located at Fouzderhat Heavy Industrial Estate, Chittagong on 12.33 acres land. The company was enlisted with Dhaka Stock Exchange in the year 1987 and with Chittagong Stock Exchange in the year 1996.

For Bangladesh market, the company has been assembling TOYOTA & HINO vehicles successfully since 1982. The company have owned 3 fully  subsidiary companies which includes Navana Furniture Limited, Navana Paints Limited and Navana Batteries Limited. The motto of the company is ‘better product better service’ and the goal of the company is to be the No. 1 in the transport sector of Bangladesh.

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