Anwar Group of Industries (AGI) Jobs

default_8Anwar Group of Industries (AGI) started its operation in Bangladesh in 1834. The group was established by by Late Lakku Mia. Now Mr. Anwar Hossain is the chairman of this group. Now the group is running business in different sector including Textile, Jute, Building materials, Real state, Furniture, Automobiles, ICT, Trading and Finance.

The corporate strategy of this group is emphasizing efficiency, flexibility,  innovation and speed  in every steps of the operation whereas the ultimate goal is to satisfy the customers. The core values of this business group are integrity, honesty and respect for people. The group is determined to do ethical business being socially responsible. The group considers that the human resources are the backbone of all the success. Currently 12,000 dedicated employees are performing their jobs in Anwar Group of Industries including the associating companies.

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