Appointment in A. R. Malik & Company

logo-wideMr. A. R. Malik is the Chairman of A. R. Malik & Company (Pvt.) Limited. He established this seed company in 1969. The group is famous in Bangladesh for improving vegetable seeds, potatoes seeds and some other seed market of the country. The boards of directors of this company are highly professionals and experienced individuals to create a strong network to cover the whole country to achieve the company’s objectives.

Bangladesh is the country where 80% population lives on farming and thus quality seeds are very important here to increase country’s national economy. The seeds must be strong enough to combat in difficult weather. A. R. Malik & Company assures to produce quality seeds through Research & Development.

A. R. Malik & Company (Pvt.) Limited always recruits skilled and professional individuals to offer them jobs in a challenging position. Performance evaluation is important for an employee to grow his career. A. R. Malik & Company is determined to recruit experienced professionals from this country for their career growth.

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