Available jobs in Mercantile Bank Limited

mercantile bankHaving the slogan of ‘Banglar Bank’, Mercantile Bank Limited (MBL) was established in Bangladesh in 1999. The bank is engaged in providing efficient banking service so that it can able to contribute socio-economic development of Bangladesh. The bank is absolutely committed to run its banking operation through economically and socially sustainable manner being environmentally. Mercantile bank is processing its banking function via the products of SME banking, Retail banking, corporate banking, foreign trade business, e-banking, NRB banking and other products.

Loan is essential for most of the people to fulfill their dreams. Mercantile bank provides all types of loan to its customer such as education loan, car loan, consumer credit schemes, doctors credit schemes, lease financing, home loan ,house furnishing loan, cottage loan, overseas employment loan, solar energy loan, krishi loan etc.

Mercantile Bank believes in CSR activities which is a complete and inseparable part of its business. The bank has already achieved a remarkable position in the banking sector for its CSR activities. The sectors where the bank is most active for its CSR purpose includes educational, health, sports, art and culture, disaster management and others purpose. The Bank is operating its CSR activities through its own fund and also through Mercantile Bank Foundation to help the distressed people of Bangladesh.

Mercantile bank offers exclusive benefits for its employees. The bank seeks for employees who will be efficient for its banking operation as efficiency is the bank’s strength. Mercantile Bank is offering exciting career opportunities for the employees in the job market. The human resource management of the bank is very dynamic. For that reason the bank is conscious enough delivering each service to its customer following a systematic way. The bank possesses a famous position in the job market and there is no doubt for anybody to build an attractive career with Mercantile Bank.

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