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nrb bankNRB Bank Limited starts its journey in Bangladesh in 2013 as a fourth generation bank. The bank has brought the entire world’s entrepreneurial group of NRB investors together to invest in Bangladesh to support entrepreneurship and to connect Bangladesh with the international market where United Kingdom is one of the largest investors. The main branch of NRB bank is located in Dhaka at Gulshan 2. The bank has launched its 2nd branch in Sylhet.

The vision of the bank is to become the leader financial institution for NRBs to invest in Bangladesh to get accessed Bangladesh into the international markets. The mission of NRB Bank is to accelerate the industrialisation of Bangladesh through providing the right banking solutions combining expertise, financial strength and professionalism. The goal of the bank is to always maintain customer loyalty, employee satisfaction and shareholder value through integrity and technological support. The bank is committed to deliver the highest level of service and also differentiated benefits for its customers to meet their needs.

Currently NRB Bank is offering different types of banking services such as- Corporate banking, Retail banking, SME and SME banking, Student banking and NRB and Premium banking to meet the customer need. The bank is providing different types of loan facilities for the customers. The bank has different other products and services like other modern bank. The bank is focused to build long term relation with its clients. The slogan of the bank is “Not just another Bank”.

Although the bank has strong management professionals in the team, the new bank needs dynamic, energetic and talented employees to run its operation smoothly. The bank is firmly committed to provide remuneration benefits for its employees. The bank is providing training program also for the employees career growth. So graduates undoubtedly can start their career in this bank by applying in the available jobs.

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