Available Vacancy at Padma Islami Life Insurance

padmaPadma Islami Life Insurance Ltd was founded in 2000.The objective of the company is to provide maximum ethical standard service which firmly hold the values of islam. The goal of the company is to serve the people and the world by providing financial and moral support.The company was enlisted in Dhaka Stock Exchange in the year 2012.

The mission of the company is to build up a professional management team which will be dynamic and sound, developing innovative products, enhancing good governance etc. The vision of the company is to become the top life Insurance company in South-East Asia and Bangladesh through maintaining maximum level of integrity, transparency and responsibility. To get jobs in Padma Islami Life Insurance Ltd, interested job applicants can send their resume at padmalife@dhaka.net

View here to see available vacancy at Padma Islami Life Insurance Ltd >>

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