Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) Jobs

In Bangladesh BUET (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology) is the country’s most famous educational institutions for higher studies in aspects technical category. BUET was founded in 1876 and the academical campus is located at Shahid Sharani, Bakshi Bazar Road in Dhaka as the heart of the city. BUET has successfully enlightened more than 30000 graduates from engineering and architecture branch, who have grasped renowned professional position in diverse area of the world.  Moreover, each year BUET attracts overseas students from several countries including India, Iran, Jordan, Malaysia, Nepal, Pakistan, Palestine and Sri Lanka.

Currently, both Undergraduate and Postgraduate studies and research are among the essential elements of BUET. 11 divisions under 5 resources offer Bachelor Degreesprograms, Masters Degrees programs as well as a portion of the offices have Ph.D. programs. The ability of the University instructors and the research center offices of the University are likewise used to take care of issues and to give state-of-the-art designing and mechanical information to the different associations of the nation.

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