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basundhara groupIn Bangladesh there are some largest industrial companies and Bashundhara Group is in the first row of these companies. In 1987 Bashundhara started company venture as a real estate and being successful it has invested in other sector like production of cement, paper and pulp, steel, tissue paper, LP Gas bottling and distribution and also trading company. The Group has achieved more glamour when the Bashundhara City shopping mall and recreation center was built up. In short Bashundhara Group has attained tremendous growth in last 10 years and thus contributed to the country’s economic development and capital market.

The aims and objectives of Bashundhara Group is to serve people of this country with highest satisfaction and contribute for the greater welfare of the people and the country. In this era of information technology and globalization, the Group is going forward with its visionary goal through proper use of its human resources and accurate planning. The Group has diverse range of products which ensures quality services with standard.

With most effective managerial skills Bashundhara Group has become a market leader. Focusing on business expansion and growth the highly professional human resources of the Group is making good progress. The group has contributed to develop the local corporate culture and thus significantly contributed to the overall development of Bangladesh and its economy. The Group cares for their clients and tries to provide highest customer satisfaction which is the key to Bashundhara’s success.

The Group is highly involved with CSR activities. Bashundhara Foundation is one of them which is a not-for-profit organization where the welfare of the humanity is the main objective. Bashundhara Group always recruits smart and energetic candidates who has talent and skills to grow his career. Moreover, Bashundhara Group support them providing competitive compensation and other benefits for performing their jobs as well as for their career growth.

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