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btclBangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited (BTCL) is the state owned telecommunication service provider in Bangladesh. Currently, BTCL is providing telecommunication service to approximately 1 million subscribers. BTCL is also providing dial-up internet service. BTCL owns the largest telecom infrastructure comparison to satellite links, copper cabling, optical fibre networks, microwave links, etc. The most attractive advantages of BTCL are cheaper call rates and internet rates than other operators. BTCL is providing ADSL broadband internet service with 33 thousands capacity.

BTCL provides services including leased line, dial-up, broadband through Internet; point to point data connectivity through Data Link; Fax, ISD, E-ISD, VAS, ISDN through Telephone; ICX through Interconnection; IGW, IIG through Gateway; Web Services, IN Based Services etc.

BTCL is not only provide land-line telephone services in the urban areas, but also provide long-distance call and international services. Currently 12,636 officials and staffs are working in BTCL. BTCL is the most-accessible internet service provider in Bangladesh as it is providing dial-up internet connection in 64 districts of the country. BTCL is planning to offer soon broadband internet services to its subscribers. About 5000 employees have joined in BTCL. BTCL always provide competitive salary package with other benefits to its employees.  BTCL ensures career growth for each employee through training program. So interested applicants can apply for BTCL jobs through submitting online application in the BTCL website.

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