Build an ambitious career in Prime Bank Limited

 prime bankPrime Bank Limited is a private commercial bank which was established on 17th April in 1995. The bank is one of the most popular bank that maintain international value in providing finance and banking service. The bank is considered as a high class bank in our country because the bank has achieved a significant goodwill and development within a short time. Prime Bank is related with corporate social business like investment in education, work with handicap population, dristy daan project, health care, health management, environment, support to martyr family, games and sports and some other activities.

Prime Bank provides valuable and respectful service for its customer and always highlights customers need. The products and services of Prime Bank are retail banking, corporate banking, Islamic banking, SME banking, NRB banking, offshore banking and treasury. To ensure an excellent service for its customer the bank conducts all the function by an extremely professional and interested group and those people have long experience in banking job. Prime Bank offers an attractive career opportunity for its employees. Obviously it is a right decision to begin your career in an institution having an ethical brand, professional and wining culture that assures your career development. The bank is very conscious about its career development strategies. For this reason the bank provides a competitive compensation package that always fulfills its employee’s expectation.
The employee of Prime Bank enjoys multiple facilities but the most exceptional benefit of the bank includes staff training and development program which are customized for career development. These opportunities enhance the inner quality of an employee. The employees of this bank are very dynamic and organic also. So continuing career with Prime Bank Job is a proud for everyone because the previous working record of this bank is very strong as the bank justifies ethical values and ideal practices.
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