Build up your career at Standard Chartered Bank in Bangladesh

standard chartered bankFor a human being, career means a journey through learning, work and other angle of life. A successful career can lead a successful life. So career is an important part in human’s life, undoubtedly.
Standard Chartered Bank is a multinational bank which is passionately concerned about doing things the right way to support their customers and clients in the meantime creating positive impact for the wider economy.
Having distinctive culture and values which is the strength of Standard Chartered Bank have bought the customer, clients and employees together to understand their needs. Standard Chartered Bank has a vision with five core values which includes – openness and collaboration, being courageous, responsive, international, creative and trustworthy.
Standard Chartered Bank encourages employees to maximize their potentials in the environment by offering lots of opportunities. Joining Standard Chartered Bank an employee will get the opportunity to work in a global team along with experiencing different cultures and also working and thinking in a new way.
Standard Chartered Bank actively encourages its employees to build up their career in their own aspiration, skills and strengths. Employees’ high performance and superior delivery are always appreciated in Standard Chartered Bank with rewarded and discretionary bonuses. To remain competitive Standard Chartered Bank regularly benchmark base salaries of the employees to ensure remuneration.
The bank will assist to each employee to develop the skills and knowledge and to build strong relationships with the customers so that the employees can meet their individuals banking needs and able to fulfill them according to.
Being a valued member an employee will get all the banking benefits including investments, foreign exchange, insurance, mortgage loans personal banking as well as health and medical coverage, insurance products, retirement plans, a voluntary sharesave plan, comprehensive leave programme because an employee’s health and future is important to Standard Chartered Bank.
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