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alarafah bankAl–Arafah Islami Bank Limited is one of the largest Islamic commercial bank in Bangladesh which was established on 18th June in 1995 and currently the bank has 78 branches. The Bank is formed to keep contribution mainly in the national economy. Modern banking products, advanced technology and high quality services are the key of the bank to gain successes which are helping the bank scoring first position among all Islamic commercial banks. Thus the bank is involved in making positive contribution in the socio economic development of Bangladesh.

The bank is enriched with its different types of banking products and services. Through such products the bank is not only provides dedicated services but also maintain Islamic rules for keeping peace and brotherhood in life. The bank has various types of deposit like current deposit, short notice deposit, installment based term deposit etc. including the special deposits named Al-Arafah Hajj Deposit and Al-Arafah Termed Hajj deposit.

Rural improvement is must for developing a country’s economy. Currently, the bank is working to change the poverty level of rural areas through micro finance following Islamic Shariah and also started to develop the agriculture sectors and providing job facilities for the rural people. To maintain all strategies for developing rural areas the bank formed a project named “Krishi O Grameen Khudra Biniog Prokolpa.”

The bank believes in CSR activities to continue its score as a leading role in the banking sector. The bank has established Al-Arafah international school & college and also Al-Arafah Islami Bank Library.

The bank is offering competitive salary packages to its employees. The bank always tries to recruit honest and quality human resources and also tries to retain them for a long time. The bank offers job opportunities to its employees enriched with all banking facilities and Shariah based business ethics and thus offer balanced growth career for them.

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