Career in Bangladesh Building Systems Limited (BBSL)

indexSince 2003 Bangladesh Building Systems Limited (BBSL) as a public limited company operating its business in the field of manufacturing Pre-Engineered Steel Building (PEB). Pre-engineered steel buildings are used for aircraft hangers, commercial showrooms, distribution centers, factories, hall rooms, office buildings, supermarkets, restaurants and residential buildings, warehouses, workshops as well. BBSL was enlisted with Dhaka Stock Exchange in 2013.

Currently 573 employees are doing their jobs in Bangladesh Building Systems Limited. For BBS, accurate fit of components, customer satisfaction, trouble free construction are the top priority for any project. The company is enriched with a technically expertise management team of twenty fifth engineers and professionals. The mission and vision of the company are become the leader in the steel building industry as well as winning trust and confidence of the shareholders and creating superior value for the community.

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