Career Choice with United Leasing Company Limited (ULCL)

united leasing companyUnited Leasing Company Limited (ULCL) is a non-banking financial institution established in 1989 in Bangladesh as a public limited company. ULCL is providing services to customers located anywhere in Bangladesh because it has branches in all the divisional headquarters in the country.

The mission of ULCL is to dedicate continuous attempt for improving products and services to sustain competitive edge, assuring service quality by motivated employees and technology, to ensure adequate return on all investments with sound financial performance through managing risks and costs. The vision of ULCL is to provide high quality service.

The overall goals of ULCL is managing risks proactively and retain international best practices, to maximize growth, ensuring timely delivery of quality service and providing favorable work environment for the employees. ULCL provides different financial services including investment service, secured finance, channel finance, corporate finance.

ULCL offers different career opportunity to the employees through internship program, regular employment and contractual employment. The duration of the internship program is 2-3 months for the graduates where they are with different department for guidance to complete their internship report.

For regular employment, ULCL recruits employees for the entry level. Graduates can apply for the regular position. ULCL then select the best candidates among all. After recruiting ULCL is determined to provide proper guidance to the employees through different training programs to make them responsible for their duties. Then ULCL properly evaluate the employees for the next level through employees’ performance. In case of contractual employment, students can apply in the contractual positions in investment marketing department for part-time or full time employment.

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