Career Life at Habib Bank Limited

hbl logoHabib Bank Limited (HBL) is established in 1947 in Pakistan as the first commercial bank. The Pakistani owned private and commercial bank started its banking operation in Bangladesh in 1976. Habib Bank Limited is the largest domestic multinational bank in the world with branches located in 25 countries. The mission of the bank is to make the customers prosper, to create value for shareholders, to excel its employees. The vision of HBL is enabling people to advance with reliance and prosperity. The main areas of operations of this bank are Retail and Consumer Banking product and services. The bank is focusing on lending programs to small industries, traders and farmers for SME and Agriculture purpose in urban and rural areas.

HBL also offers its customers Islamic Banking Services based on Shariah. Through this idea the bank serve its customers with those products and services that match their needs. The bank has made its customers life easy through providing easy loans to individuals for business expenses purpose. The bank provides loan for financing small business so that business can run smoothly. Customers of HBL can easily view their account statement through E-banking service. The bank always adopt enlighten banking business with new banking products and systems.

The bank absolutely believes in offering advantages and opportunities to its employees. The bank believes in rewarding the dedicated employees through different career growth opportunities. The bank strongly maintains its corporate culture. HBL strongly follows some requirements at the time of recruiting employees. The employees need to fulfill those requirements to get the job. The bank arranges training program for the entry level employee as well as for the mid and top level employees. The bank also hires from the campus by encouraging the fresh graduates to apply in HBL. Life at HBL is really attractive for any employee if he gets the job.

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