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mbl logoModhumoti Bank Limited is one the private commercial bank in Bangladesh. The mission of the bank is providing fast customer service for the customers through maintaining sustainable growth and also following strong business ethics.  The vision of the bank is to guide the new generation of local commercial banks through providing standard banking products and services. The bank is offering standard financial services with the support of latest technology to its clients.

The feature of this bank includes creating and launching innovative products through modern IT facilities. The bank aims to offer Green Banking facilities to preserve natural resources. The bank is not involved in any hazardous activities which is threat for environment. The bank is committed to create awareness to run an environmental friendly business. The bank currently focusing on energy efficiency by adopting and implementing eco-friendly lending activities. The bank is committed to maintain Corporate Social Responsibility activities on a regular basis.

The bank mainly concentrate in financing export and import, financing SME, financing agriculture, empowering women entrepreneurship, financing green renewable energy, etc. The key strategies of the bank include financial inclusion, funding small entrepreneurs to start up business and small industries.

Adroit Board of Directors, high qualified and experienced management team has strengthen Modhumoti Bank Limited. The bank always employs qualified human resource and retains them also for a long time. The bank arranges training for the employees also. Other strengths of the bank are capital adequacy, strong business network, competent and skilled human resource, fully technology based banking operation etc. where the opportunities of the bank are growing local entrepreneurs, consistent GDP growth in national economy, developing rural market etc.

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