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rankstelRanks Telecom Ltd, in short RanksTel is a fixed line operator in Bangladeshi which is providing wireless phone service from 14 April, 2005. RanksTel is totally owned by Bangladeshi entrepreneurs. In building the network so far the entrepreneurs have invested more than $50 million. RanksTel has more than 274.895 thousand subscribers being the second largest PSTN operator in the country.  RanksTel has ISP license to operate in the countrywide. Recently, to originate and terminate international voice traffic RanksTel has achieved an International Gateway (IGW) license also. RanksTel is providing the largest network in all over the country among the private PSTN operators.

RanksTel has built own microwave and leased fibre for transmission network. For exchanging voice traffic via ICX RanksTel has obtained interconnection facilities with the mobile operators and the PSTN. Physical infrastructures of RanksTel currently consist of more than 200 BTS sites and 10 major hubs across Bangladesh. RanksTel firmly believe in sharing the resources with others to go ahead and thus RanksTel have agreement with other operators on co-location.

The mission of RanksTel is to bring the telecommunications technology at a very competitive price to the people and thus to contribute for the overall development of the nation. To enrich the human lives, the  vision of RanksTel is to provide quality service through connecting the individuals and businesses. RanksTel is committed to keep its employees happy and productive at the same time.

RanksTel believes in accepting responsibilities and rewarding efficiency as well as team work is must to achieve the goal in every level. Currently 150 hardworking people are performing RanksTel jobs. RanksTel always ensures the best customer care for the subscribers for providing billing and other solutions by the help of dedicated in-house IT team experts. RanksTel offers handsets and terminals as well as it offer scratch card and electronic loading facilities for the customers.

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