Career Opportunities at Kazi Farms Group

brand_01 Kazi Farms Group is the country’s largest poultry industry owner in Bangladesh. Since 1996 the company is the largest agro-industrial groups which is doing active business in Poultry as well as Frozen Food, Information Technology, Ice Cream and Television. The market share of this group is twenty five percent of day-old chicks and twenty percent of broiler feed.

Kazi Farms Group also operate a world-class broiler grand-parent operation which was then the result of Bangladesh’s first exports of hatching eggs and day-old chicks in 2004. The Group have over fifty breeding farms, feed mills, hatcheries and sales offices around Bangladesh. Kazi Farms Group is determined to provide jobs to the people of Bangladesh through offering attractive salary and benefit packages. Interested candidates can send their complete CV along with passport size photograph to

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2 thoughts on “Career Opportunities at Kazi Farms Group

  1. Dear Sir

    My name is Masud Reza Rasei Industrial & Production Engineer of Jessore University of Science & Technology. I am very very interested trainee engineering job of your reputed Kazi Farm Group. Recently submit my complete CV and now I want to how call are candidate of job ?

  2. Dear Sir,
    I apply for my job in your organization as a management trainee engineer according to your recent circular. I am immensely interested to build up my career with your highly reputed organization. Please inform me what is the update of your recruitment process.

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