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Career describes a profession followed as one’s lifework. A career is an important part of life. Successful career is the symbol of growth and growth is the symbol of success in overall life. Building a career in the banking sector may refer a graduate to a successful life. Because banking job will assist you in your life through personal enrichment.
In Bangladesh one of the largest and oldest private commercial bank is Uttara Bank. Having 215 branches at home and 600 affiliates worldwide Uttara Bank has created efficient networking and capability to serve the country and the people. Uttara Bank has adapted modern technology both in terms of equipment and banking service which ensures proficient benefit to clients and stakeholders.
Uttara Bank is providing different types of loan scheme like – consumer credit, personal loan, SME loan to the clients. Having deposit scheme like savings account, special notice deposit scheme, fixed deposit scheme, double benefit deposit scheme, monthly deposit scheme, marriage deposit scheme, education deposit scheme, monthly profit scheme the bank has created all type of scheme facility which are customized according to the customer’s need.
Uttara Bank always seeks for employee who is energetic and skilled to serve the valuable clients and stakeholders. Joining in Uttara Bank an employee will be able to strengthen his career through different type of training program. Uttara Bank is providing all others facilities like – medical allowance, paid leaves, bonus for the employees.
Uttara bank always thinks about developing the skills and knowledge of the human resources. Having customized training programme the bank actively support the employees to explore the different career paths with the business needs. Uttara Bank always provides extensive management support to the employees which create opportunities to build up important networks for the employees in their career. The bank always welcome to the fresh graduates to start their career through internship program.
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