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teletalkTeletalk is the country’s state-owned mobile phone operator since 2004. Being the public limited company of Bangladesh government, Teletalk has more than 1.897 million subscribers now. The mission of Teletalk is innovating and finding new ways to enhance services for the customers recent needs and desires in the future. The vision of Teletalk is knowing the customers and providing better service than any other mobile service provider.

Teletalk is going forward to increase its customers range through offering highest quality products and services and retain them for a longtime also. Teletalk is determined to be the part of the program which is connecting millions of Bangladeshi people around the world. Teletalk is the only telecom service provider in the country providing technical and engineering support by native human resource. The major objectives of Teletalk includes providing mobile telecom service from the public sector to the people of Bangladesh, ensuring public interest through establish a fair competition between private and public sectors, meeting unmitigated high demand of mobile telecom service, creating a source of revenue for the Bangladesh government.

To provide better service to its growing customer, Teletalk Bangladesh Limited is continuously expanding its network and thus keeping the commitment of providing best service. Teletalk has already established its network range in 64 Districts of the country, 402 Upazilas of Bangladesh, and most of the highways also. Moreover, Teletalk is expanding its network range to cover all the corners of Bangladesh.

With the support of third party software, Teletalk is ready to providing mobile interactivity for the citizens of the country including mobile user information bank (which is the database of mobile users of Bangladesh), mobile based live citizen reporting solution, agriculture based information services for the farmers of the country and as well as for the end users, creating product ID for all consumer organization and products, establishing interactivity between the citizens and Government.

Teletalk jobs are enriched with diverse opportunities including attractive salaries and bonus facilities, rewards and benefits, excellent working atmosphere, freedom of  work opportunities, leading scope which are exclusively beneficial for individual as well as professional growth of an employee.

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