Career Path at Apex Footwear Limited

apexApex Footwear Limited (AFL) is the country’s leading leather footwear manufacturer and exporter started its journey since 1975. AFL manufacture and export to major shoe retailers in Japan, Western Europe and North America from Bangladesh. In 2013 AFL has earned USD 138.5 million revenues. The company acts as an initiator of finished leather products exporter as well as the second largest shoe retailer in the country. Currently Apex Footwear Limited is professionally providing and managing over 9,000 jobs for the employees.

AFL has achieved both commercial and critical fame for exporting high quality and fashionable leather footwear in the international market. Apex ensures statewide coverage of its different range of footwear for its customers through over 180 own retail outlets and 380 authorized resellers and thus Apex is proving its name.

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