Dhaka University Jobs

Dhaka University was established in 1921 to create new scopes of knowledge for the society of Bangladesh to deliver through its students. The University is located at Nilkhet Road, Dhaka-1000. Dhaka University holds approximately 220 Trusts and Foundations proposition scholarships and medals to its talented students whereas, a large portion of those studentship are offered by the Government and the University’s Alumni Association.

Dhaka University has built 13 halls and 2 hostels of residence for male students as well as 4 halls and 1 hostel of residence for its female students. Currently 1885 Teachers are employed at Dhaka University and 37064 students are studying. At present Dhaka University has several Academic Department including Arabic, Bengali, World Religions and Culture, Music, English, History, Islamic History & Culture, Islamic Studies, Linguistics, Information Science and Library Management, Persian Language and Literature, Philosophy, Sanskrit, Theatre and Performance Studies and Urdu Department.

To apply in Dhaka University jobs, applicants need to visit the Website: http://jobs.du.ac.bd/

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