Employment at Ekushey Television

ekushey tvIn Bangladesh, Ekushey Television (inshort ETV) is the first private television channel in the history of the country began official transmission on April 14, 2000. It is broadcasting from Kawran Bazar, Dhaka owning fully digitized station and known as the voice of the nation and thus considered itself as the most popular channel in Bangladesh through presenting the real news. ETV is expanding its programme covering the needs of the community. Ekushey Television has created huge job opportunities for the people of the country through opening new door of employment.

The commitment of ETV is doing sound business for the future welfare and growth of Bangladesh. ETV believe that the growth and development of ETV will increase major improvement in the programme production of the country which will enhance skills and knowledge and establish new horizon for the future through providing jobs.

The aim of ETV is to reach in every corner of the country and also to touch the whole population. ETV is the modern television transmitting a balanced schedule of entertainment, educational & social affairs, drama, documentaries, films, fillers, musical programmes, news & current affairs, talk show, telefilms, live & sports and skills development programmes etc. The aim of ETV is to reach at high levels of technical efficiency with reliability and to make creative and dynamic news presentation. ETV always recruits skilled employees and train them also when needed to reach a high degree of competence.

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