Employment Opportunities at Jamuna Group

jamuna groupIn 1970 Md. Nurul Islam Babul established Jamuna Group. Md. Nurul Islam is an architect and an Industrial leader. The group commenced its voyage with the Jamuna Electric Manufacturing Company Ltd and then within 34 years the largest industrial conglomerate has expanded its business category into different sectors like – Advertisement, Beverages, Chemicals, Consumer products, Electrical, Engineering, Garments, Housing, Leather, Media, real estate, Textiles etc.

To cope up with the global competition, along with expertise and machinery this group has introduced the latest technology. The company has achieved prosperity on the basis of its product quality and operation strategy in local and global market. The ultimate goals of the company are continuously investing more sustainable practices in its operation and making a difference. The company is doing sustainable business which is environment friendly also.

The vision of the company is social welfare of the investors as well as development of civilization. The mission of the group is providing quality services and innovative products, maintaining ethical standard, ensuring benefit for the stakeholders. The overall objective is to fulfill its vision and mission for developing the socio-economic life of the people of this country.

Jamuna Group always appreciates the importance of human resources as they are the important assets for of a company to carry the ongoing growth. To inspire the true team spirit, the company always motivates its human resources at every stage of its business. Jamuna Group seeks those people to provide jobs who are skilled and dynamic as well as experienced and loyal. Jamuna Group claims itself as the biggest employers in the country. The company has generated huge job opportunities for unemployed people in the country.

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