Employment opportunity in Meghna Bank Limited

meghna bankMeghna Bank Limited is one of the new private commercial bank in Bangladesh. The bank started its banking function on 9th May in 2013 through opening its principal branch at Gulshan-02, in Dhaka. Within a very short time the bank will open more branches for its customer to provide valuable services. The main aim of the bank is playing a significant role in economic contribution of our country. The bank is committed to provide best products and services to its client today, tomorrow and always.

The bank is offering various types of products and services for its customer. The banking products of this bank are called Meghna Products. Saving Deposit Products, Current Deposit Products, Meghna Loan Products and Scheme Products are the main products. Through those products the bank is providing multiple services such as- Regular Savings Account, Young Star’s Account, Meghna Salary Account, Senior Citizen Savings, Meghna SND, Current Account, Deposit Pension Scheme, Monthly Income Scheme, Meghna Fixed Deposit etc. The has launched its SWIFT operations on 8 September, 2013.

The bank fulfills its customers dream through providing them different loan facilities. Currently, the bank has two loan categories. One category is Meghna Personal Loan and another one is Meghna Express Loan. For the victims of Savar tragedy, the bank has already donated one crore Taka to the Prime Minister’s Relief and Welfare Fund as a part of its CSR activities.

The management team of the bank is well structured. As a result the bank can perform all the function in a systematic and proper way. Though the bank is new, the bank is conscious enough about its human resource.
The bank believes that growth is compulsory for any organization and for this the bank always tries to maintain a logical and systematic way in operating its banking operation. The bank is totally a new bank but within a very short period the bank has achieved a significant position in the banking sector of Bangladesh.

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