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Field Nation is a company engaged in outsourcing of Field Nation LLC in USA. Field Nation Ltd. has started its operation in March 2011 to support its clients through developing the web based marketplace. The company’s development and support team are working from Bangladesh. Bangladesh office is located at 3rd Floor, House # 23, Road # Shah Makhdum Avenue (North), Sector # 12, Uttara-1230, Dhaka.  The main goals of Field Nation support team is to deliver 24/7 support to its clients. The motto of Field Nation is doing business and connecting people on the same platform all over the world.

At present, Field Nation has over 45,000 contractors across the world. Field Nation always looks for experienced professional who has expertise developing strong relationship, who is self-motivated, passionate and creative, punctual, a person with strong commitment and can do attitude. Currently, 30 employees are working in Field Nation Bangladesh jobs where 20 employees are working in USA.

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