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ab bank limited
Arab Bangladesh Bank Limited is the first private bank in Bangladesh. The bank’s main issue is the best working in the surface of bank in the country. To keep faithful its mission AB Bank always concern about to pay best prepossession for the customer need and it ever shows unlimited enthusiasm to confirm satisfaction of its client.

AB Bank Limited enriched with various products supposing retail banking, corporate banking, SME banking, project finance, loan syndication, lending rates, deposit rates, exchange rates, NRB banking, money transfer, investment banking, AB securities limited, cards, schedule of charges etc. Through such products the bank is providing various services.

The most emergent services for customers are –locker service, internet banking, SMS banking, new check book, lost check book, lost credit/debit card, fund transfer, account opening, account closing, signature change, address change and so many things are provided by AB Bank following in a proper instruction. Moreover, AB Bank Limited grants ATM card which help its clients to get money easily from the nearest booth.
Building up career in AB Bank points out highly attractive for the employee which occupies a prosperous position in society. The bank pays fascinating salary for its employee also delivers additional facilities to stay always with AB Bank. The bank not only contributes a lot in national economy but also takes part in social activities. The bank connects client through modern banking system and also with information technology that’s why they always interest to stay with the bank. The person who has deposit in AB Bank can get three new schemes on behalf of the deposit namely personal loan, student loan, computer loan.
Why people prefer to do job in AB Bank, the issue is so clear to all that the bank is financially strong enough. It reopens representative office and its contact including local presence, global presence, branch locations, ATM locations, feedback, complain cell etc. The human resource management are very dynamic than other banks. Thus the bank occupies a competitive position in the field of bank job.

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