Glorious Career with Jamuna Bank Limited

jamuna bankJamuna Bank limited was started its banking activities on 3rd June in 2001 and within the short time the bank achieved unbelievable success in performing the banking function. The Bank always tries to keep contribution in trade, commerce; industry and overall business sector having online branches network throughout the whole country that obviously confirms that the bank plays a significant role in the economic development of our country.

The bank mainly focuses on customer demand with the values having integrity, quality, teamwork and respect for the individual, harmony, fairness, courtesy, commitment, business ethics and unique culture. The bank always tries to deliver timely services and also customer satisfaction by controlling the quality.

The main issue of the bank is to fulfill its customer need through products and services by maintaining proper technology for a sustainable growth, reasonable back feed that contributes a lot to develop the country. The bank is trying to achieve satisfaction of the customer through maintaining quality of products and also delivers the services in timely. The bank organizes products and services for its customer having retail banking, corporate banking, SME banking, treasury banking, NRB banking, Islamic banking etc.

The human resource of Jamuna Bank prosper managing an organizational culture where employees enjoy working with enthusiasm and motivation to gain professional excellence for the development and improving performance of the banking activities. So undoubtedly the human resource of this bank is very dynamic. To develop banking effectiveness the human resource of this bank is related with policies, institutional plans, strategies, practices and too many things.

The employees of Jamuna Bank enjoy many facilities including staff training and development because the bank is concern to provide them adequate skills and knowledge for career development. Thus the employees can provide better services to its customers and enhancing inner quality of themselves.

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