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GPH Ispat Limited logoGPH Ispat Limited started its operation in Bangladesh in  2006 as a steel manufacturer. The company was enlisted in Dhaka Stock Exchange in 2012. The corporate head office is located at Chittagong, 325 Asadgonj, Crown Chamber and the factory is located at      Kumira, Sitakund, Chittagong. The factory plant is made of three units which are steel melting, steel re-rolling and captive power plant. The Dhaka office is located at Dhaka, 24 Gulshan C/A, Circle-2, Hamid Tower (4th Floor).

The main goal of the company is making profit as well as producing best quality of structural bars for the nation. GPH Ispat Limited believes that  a great organization comes with great responsibilities. For this reason GPH Ispat Ltd is always dedicated and concerned towards the environment. The environmental air is always fresh here because of maintaining green way system. The employees who are doing jobs at GPH Ispat Limited are always free from any type of health hazard.

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