Job Openings at ServicEngineBPO

sebpoSince 20006 ServicEngineBPO is a leading business process company in Bangladesh based on outsourcing. Currently the company has opened is offices in Bangladesh and the U.S. The company uses global resources to provide its clients and customers improved business solutions. The company is a customer driven through dedicated employees hardworking to meet the client’s needs. Having high experience the company is able to adapt any kind of business including advertising, banking, insurance, software, publishing, technology, travel, and more.

ServicEngineBPO is an equal opportunity employer, and offering strong workplace standards for the employees.  The company is continuously seeking professionals who are career-minded for providing them a challenging career with superior training and career-development opportunities. ServicEngineBPO recruit and hire only them who are top college graduates and fluent in English language as the company thinks that employees are their greatest asset. Interested individuals can send their CV with a cover letter highlighting their expertise and skills to to get jobs in ServicEngineBPO.

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