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bangladesh bankBangladesh Bank is the central bank of Bangladesh which was established on 16th December in 1971. The bank is functioning not only as the government’s banker but also as a banker’s bank. The bank maintains an ethical standard for banking activities and works as a strong economical growth to remove poverty. So the bank is the only bank that is functioning for the nation, government, for depositors in banks and financial institutions, Bangladeshis abroad, banks abroad, business community and performing so many activities that’s why it is called the central bank of Bangladesh.

The mission of the bank is to monetary formulation and credit policies, currency issue management and regulation of payment system, foreign exchange reserve management with regulating the market, supervising all the banks and financial institutions on behalf of government etc. The bank is providing services to general people in many ways. The bank supplies bank note having special safety features so that owner knows the money is original. Online services of the bank include online CIB services, online foreign exchange transaction, etc.

The financial system consists of financial markets, payment system, deposit insurance, MFIs, capital market, recent developments etc. The whole financial system of Bangladesh bank is divided into three section namely formal sector, semi- formal sector and informal sector. The general people are getting investment facilities through premium bond, investment bond, wage earners and development bond, prize bond, NRB investment etc.

The bank is concerned paying the best compensation package to its employees to attract and retain the best employees. The bank ensures different types of loan facilities to support the employees for a lifetime. The bank ensures learning and performance excellence for its employees through different training programs as well as encourages them for the rewarding innovativeness. The bank facilitates employees’ placement decisions also. The bank makes the career path clear for every employee.

Moreover, the bank is providing an environment for its employee that encourages them to performing the job with pride. The employees are proactive and always responsive when performing their duties. They are always accountable for their responsibilities.

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