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Google logoGoogle -the most common name in our everyday life!

Yes, it is very true that now a days almost everyone is fond of using Google- the famous search engine. The mission of Google is organizing the information of the world as well as make it accessible and useful all over the world.  Have you ever pondered such a career like life at Google?

Google looks for such smart individual and team-centered people who are the ‘best’ for taking and welcoming big changes & challenges, to hire them for Google jobs for the long term through few basic steps like conversation with the recruiter first, then a telephone interview as well as an interview at Google’s offices. When someone visits at Google office for interview, then he must be prepared for the four key points – Leadership skills, Role-related knowledge, How he would tackle the problem presented and finally Passing through Googleyness. Google is proudly providing an equal opportunity workplace at the same time empowering women to succeed. Google is providing diverse benefits to its employees including healthy life – physically and emotionally fit, financial benefits like insurance, retirement benefits as well as  social benefits and many more opportunities to lead a happy life.

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