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bata_logoIn 1894 Czech businessman Tomas Bata, the owner of Bata Shoe Company started its operation in the city of Czechoslovakia. Bata is the largest manufacturer and marketer of footwear across the world. Now Bata is a geo-centric company operating business in more than sixty countries in the world. Bata usually serves one million clients per day, employs around 50,000 personnel and runs 5,000 retail outlets.

In 1962 Bata started its operation in Bangladesh. At present Bata Shoe Company (Bangladesh) Limited is running two manufacturing units located in Tongi and Dhamrai. Bata is playing a vital role in improving the leather industry of Bangladesh. Bata is committed to do Eco-friendly business for both workers and the locality to provide them a pollution free environment. At the time of providing jobs, Bata committs to invest in its human resources through providing different personal development program. Bata always recruits and retains the best skilled and experienced professionals available in the country to give them jobs.

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