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qubeeQUBEE is one of the leading internet service providers in Bangladesh from Augere Wireless Broadband Bangladesh Limited founded in 2007. QUBEE is a multinational company, having global experience it is offering the customers a trouble-free internet access. Currently QUBEE is operating in the city of Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet. The mission of QUBEE is to provide broadband internet service for all and also to bring the services to underserved communities.

To make the customers journey better with QUBEE, the skilled engineers of QUBEE check each installation to make sure the customers have network coverage before QUBEE sell the connection to the customers. QUBEE has brought the first prepaid Internet in the country. QUBEE is the first corporate brand in the country having more than 100,000 Facebook fans. QUBEE is absolutely dedicated to provide uninterrupted internet services continuously using WiMAX technology which is also a 4G wireless solutions. Currently more than 150,000 users of QUBEE are consuming over 20% of total bandwidth in the country.

QUBEE is not making the internet work rather QUBEE is making it work beautifully. The core of QUBEE strongly believes the technology which brings delight to the customer’s life every day. QUBEE’S brand values are extremely significant to itself. The motto of QUBEE is Play to discover and to bring it to its work which makes us itself even better. To make a better customer experiences QUBEE believe in having a fun and casual environment in the workplace because it leads to better thinking for consumer.

QUBEE don’t believe in titles rather QUBEE believe in unity. QUBEE work hard being the human resource management because QUBEE believe that happy workers lead to happier customers. QUBEE would like to encourage the customers to engage more with itself so that QUBEE can provide with the best internet services always. To get the latest QUBEE job vacancies, to send job applications and to get employment opportunities, applicants can write to QUBEE at careers@qubee.com.bd

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