Recruiting in A.Wahab & Co.

UntitledA.Wahab & Co. is a Chartered Accountants firm in Bangladesh who are very familiar providing services like audit, accountancy, taxation consulting, corporate financial advice, management consulting, share registration, computer consulting, database design etc. Many familiar national and international companies, public sector organizations, international donor agencies, government departments and local authorities are the regular clients of this firm. The firm believes that hard work is must for wining rewards. The company ensures each and every clients providing the best and efficient services. Leading Edge Alliance is represented as a member firm by A.Wahab & Co.

The leading company is enriched with highly experienced professional leaders who are the best in their professional area. A.Wahab & Co. always recruits skilled individuals through different selection process to get the excellent employee. The company conduct in house training classes for successive professional development for its emplorees.

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