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aciACI (Advanced Chemical Industries) is a one of the largest conglomerates in our country operating its business focusing on four major business sector namely Agribusiness, Consumer Brands and Pharmaceuticals and Retail Chain. To achieve its business goal with excellency ACI keep a mission in the mind which is to know the customer expectations first and then providing service accordingly. To ensure product and service quality continuously ACI strictly to follow International Standards on Quality Management System and thus achieve customer satisfaction.

The mission of ACI is to enrich the life of people through increasing the quality by knowledge, skills and technology. ACI is committed to provide maximum level of customer satisfaction through its innovative processes, empowered employees and world-class products.

The vision of ACI is to attain the leadership position in the business with highest level of productivity using its own effective and efficient resources and thus building up harmonious relationship with the society. ACI always try to motivate its employees through providing learning environment for personal growth to ensure job satisfaction. ACI currently looking for candidates who are committed to start their career with ACI to grow and flourish at the maximum level. To ACI the dignity of the employee is the highest priority. ACI looks for energy, enthusiasm and passion from an employee and in return ACI jobs will give competitive salary and other benefits to grow and flourish the career.

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