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Sonali Bank
Sonali Bank Limited is the largest state owned leading commercial bank in Bangladesh. The vision of Sonali Bank is described as socially committed leading banking institution with global presence. Having the mission of dedication for quality products for people to enrich the lives through creating value and also for contribution towards the country’s socio-economic development. The bank always proves itself as the trusting partner of people in innovating banking.

The total number of branches of Sonali Bank are 1201 including 1199 local branches and 2 foreign branches. The head office of Sonali Bank is situated at Motijheel, Dhaka. Finance and banking, consumer banking, corporate banking, investment banking and investment management are the products of the Sonali Bank.

Sonali Bank is providing miscellaneous services for the people of Bangladesh like project finance, SME finance, consumer credit, international trade, trade finance, loan syndication, foreign exchange dealing, rural and micro credit, NGO linkage loan, investment, Government treasury function, money market operation, capital market operation, remittance etc. Having all the facility for personal banking the bank assist people to transfer the fund from one branch to another through demand draft, mail transfer and telegraphic center.

Sonali Bank is offering valuable schemes to its customers such as- education deposit scheme, marriage saving scheme, medical deposit scheme, school banking schemes, monthly earning scheme and so many schemes. For those schemes people should maintain some instruction according to the bank policy and they can enjoy those things in their life also. If any people earn foreign currency, he/she can open foreign currency account with Sonali Bank Limited. It has also investment bond facilities. They are wage earners development bond, US dollar investment bond, US dollar premium bond, GOVT treasury bill and bond.

Being the leading state owned commercial bank the bank has enriched its human resource team through different training programme. The bank has given opportunity to many graduates to complete their internship program and thus helped them a lot to grow their career as a banker. The bank always seeks skilled employees to lead it’s banking function appropriately.

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