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southeast bank limitedSoutheast Bank Limited (SBL) is a private bank that is strongly conscious to follow ethical standards in business to support their customers and clients so that the bank can contribute significantly in the country’s national economy. The bank occupies a strong position through the banking business policy of satisfying customer, skilled risk management, transparent and quick decision making, efficient team of performers, internal control and compliance and diversification.

Southeast Bank is providing its banking function activities via the products and services of conventional banking, Islamic banking, loans and advances, foreign trade, remittance, internet banking, locker service etc. The bank’s services are widely related with foreign trade having two part – export and import. The export services are including the export LC advising, export packing credit, export bill negotiation and the import services are imports Letter of Credit, import collection bill services, shipping guarantee etc.

Southeast Bank assures its customers to provide services and products at a reasonable price. The bank confirms long term relationship with its customer based on mutual trust and share values and beliefs and the bank also ensures security and safety for its clients. The bank is committed to provide the banking service with speed and accuracy. The bank always tries to attract talented employees who are young, energetic and self-motivated, who wants to take challenges and the bank wants to retain them also. The bank provides attractive career benefits to its employees having all the banking facility for an employee like – loan, bonus, paid leave, medical allowances, pension allowance etc.

The employees of Southeast Bank always provide banking service with highest professionalism. The employees of the bank always try to provide fast customer service. The bank’s human resource team is dynamic and fulfilled by hardworking, committed, experience and talented employees and they are always interested to perform their duty and convert the duty into challenges to continue their career.

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