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eastern bankEastern Bank Limited (EBL) was established in 1992 in Bangladesh as a private commercial bank. The main issue of the bank is to be the most valuable brand in banking sector of Bangladesh and to be strong in financial services through operating banking activities that help a sustainable growth in banking business. Recently the bank is having 68 branches located at different places in all over Bangladesh. Savings mobilization and investing the funds support the bank to play a significant role in the country’s socio economic development.

The bank organizes products and services for its customer through retail banking, corporate banking, SME banking, treasury banking, consumer banking, green banking, Islamic finance, assets management equity brokerage and security. The bank is very concern for providing services to its customer with respect. The bank provides different types of loans like EBL jibandhara loan, EBL home loan, EBL fast loan, EBL auto loan, EBL purpose loan, EBL travel loan, EBL executive loan and EBL utshob loan and education finance pack for its consumer.

The management team of EBL formed in a group of eighteen people where every person is having an international performing background and they are committed to share their working knowledge and experiences to reach EBL in a top position bank in Bangladesh with a dynamic advancement. So the management team makes its human resource strong, modern and systematic.

The bank is always looking for employees who want a challenging career and excellent promise for success to join the bank. The bank claims that there is huge career potential for its employees. The bank is providing e-recruitment facility for the candidates. The bank thinks that employees are its first bracing motto. Moreover, the bank claims that the bank is generates highest profitability for its each employee which is exceptional in Bangladesh Banking sector because the bank respect every relationship through recognizing achievements and celebrating results.

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