Working with AFC Agro BioTech Ltd

logo_afcagro_lightAFC Agro BioTech Ltd was started its operation in Bangladesh with the objective of manufacturing bio-pharmaceuticals and biochemical. The company was enlisted in Dhaka Stock Exchange in 2014. The manufacturing site is situated at Batiaghata, Khulna where the AFC Industrial Park is situated surrounding with 3 acres area. The mission of the company is to become the leader of the API sector and to achieve its vision by bringing all the stakeholders together. The vision of the company is  developing agro based pharmaceutical, bio pharmaceutical and chemical supplying.

The company desires to establish itself as a manufacturing leader of the agro based bio-pharmaceuticals and bio-chemicals product. The company has developed a professional and experienced technical team in the section of Analytical Chemistry, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Chemical, Environmental Sciences, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical, Microbiology and Organic. To get a job in AFC Agro BioTech Ltd, job applicants can visit the website of AFC Agro BioTech Ltd.

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